Monday, October 23, 2023

Trunk or Treat - Cornerstone Church Crystal

Esme decided what all of us would be for Halloween this year.  She decided on a Mario theme.  Parker as Mario, Jimmy as Luigi (because he's taller), and myself as Bowser.  She was waffling between Princesses Peach and Daisy and settle on Daisy.  My costume was the only one I made this year.  I order a yellow sweatsuit then added a felt tail, hair, and horns.  I made spikes from styrofoam covered with aluminum foil.  Finally the shell, this was the most work.  I carned some foam padding in to the shape, covered it with felt and added the border and spikes with more felt and stuffing.  I used the drawstrings from the sweatsuit to tie the shell on sho it could be easily removed while driving.
Our first event was Trunk or Treat at church.  Before we left, Parker wanted to take a bike ride.  I wish I had a better picture of Bowser on a scooter chasing after Mario on a bike.
We did manage to get one good family picture when we arrived.
Our church as really leaned in to this even as one of our biggest outreach opportunities of the year.  Lots of bounce houses, carnival game, and over 40,000 pieces of candy this year.  There were over 1000 kids, not counting adults.  We came in the second half which I thing helped to beat some of the rush.
Our friends, Sherry and Ryelle, made a Nemo themed trailer in honor is Esme's upcoming play.
One more trip in the bounce houses before heading out.
Jimmy and I went to concert that evening and the kids spent the night at Grandpa and Nana's house.  My mom took them to a Halloween party and wore my Bowser costume!
Looking forward to more Halloween fun.

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