Saturday, October 21, 2023

Beyond 100 Parks #116 - Gateway Park - Plymouth, MN

The weather has officially turned cold and we were not adequately prepared for a park visit.  To add to it, about 5 minutes after arriving Esme needed to use the bathroom.  We've been trying to enforce a "go before we go" rule, but it doesn't always happen.  I've decided our next goal will be to visit all the parks in Plymouth.  This is our 27th and there are 16 left.  With the cooler temps I am guessing it will take until spring to finish.
Key Features
This was a treehouse themed structure which was adorable.
The main structure has 8 different ways to climb up which was impressive for the size it was.
The saucer swing is always a winner for both kids.
We did find a steering wheel over by the drums.
Another 8 swing rating since there wasn't any spinning things.

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