Monday, October 9, 2023

Pumpkin Patch 2023

In late September Parker started talking a lot about "October."  We just thought it was the month, but then he started saying things like "first church, then October" and I knew it was something different.  It wasn't until he showed me this on his iPad that I figured out he wanted to go to the pumpkin patch and corn pit.
We found time on Friday to make a trip to Our favorite spot, Dehn's.  He jumped right in to the corn pit and got to playing!
Esme made it her goal to make a basket from the slide platform.  She gathered up all the balls and carried them up.  You can see if she succeeded in the video at the end.
We love this place because they have more than just a corn pit.
Parker didn't want to leave and had so much fun!  He's also stopped asking for "October" which is nice.

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