Monday, October 2, 2023

An Afternoon with Jameson and Jaxxon and Other September Things

Here are a couple other snippets from September.  More trips to Menards, Esme can't get enough of the massage chairs.  We've had a flock of turkeys roaming our neighborhood this fall and Esme wanted her picture with them.
Jimmy taught Esme to play Yahtzee this month.  It's been years since we played, but there is a long history of it being played in Jimmy's family.  With a little help, she beat him in her first game.

College football Saturday!
Esme had a Mario birthday party for Mei Mei, complete with custom made banner.
Finally, we had Jameson and Jaxxon over for an afternoon of fun on Saturday.
They make sure to show me everything I neglected to properly stow away when they visit.
We took a walk to the park and both boys went right to the swings.
Parker found a new way to enjoy the sledding hill with the boys' stroller.  Such a goofy guy!

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