Sunday, August 27, 2023

August Hodgepodge

We started the month with crazy hair day and National Night Out.  Esme and I participated and she was so excited to have her face painted.
I heard a flurry of noise outside my work window one morning and there was a bunny in the window well.  This was not the first time we've had to rescue a bunny, but it is the first time Esme got to help.  We used the pool skimmer to help it out and it ran off.
Esme was worried it would be hungry and wanted to leave some food for it.  We were given a giant zucchini by one of Jimmy's co-workers.  I didn't want it to go to waste so I made a bunch of lemon zucchini bread and one load of chocolate chocolate ship zucchini bread.
After 2.5 weeks with my first stent, I went back on the 21st to have my kidney stones removed.  It was successful and I had a second stent placed for the tube to heal.  Jimmy took the second picture on a Hy-Vee run.  He loves having his own personal grocery "caddie."
This was a pretty epic game of Sorry between Jimmy and Esme.  She had 3 in home and one just outside the safe zone while Jimmy had 3 in the start still.  This is why I teach her that you never get too comfortable, because Jimmy came back and won!
We've had the same coffee pot since we got married in 2009.  It doesn't get heavy use, but was starting to leak so Jimmy got a new one.  You know you married a tech guy when we talks about a new coffee pot for days and it's not even a smart one.  

We haven't given Parker very many set shores, but he does love helping with the garbage and recycling containers.
It's been so hot and steamy lately, but that didn't stop Parker from wanting to be outside constantly.  He was just chilling in the hammock in 90 degrees.  We made a trip to the local park this week as well.
Finally, I got an extra treat on Saturday of hanging out with family.  I was working the gate at the Corcoran tractor pull when Jimmy's cousin's family pulled in.  I was able to sit and chat with them for a while and just catch up.  Now it off to Florida for vacation!

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