Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #99 - Golden Oaks Park - Golden Valley, MN

The penultimate park!  This is the second one that I nearly overlooked, but found in my last search.  It is really close to Wesley Park which may be why it was missed.
Key Features
Esme tried to hide the hopscotch from me.  She said "there isn't a hopscotch over there, don't look mama!"  She's been getting really good at it, but was acting silly this time.
Parker was a little silly too.  There was a group of other kids playing which usually gets him going.  There wasn't a whole lot to this one, so it was fine that we didn't last long.
Parker has been loving sunglasses lately.  He mainly likes to play with them, but also wears them.  He has a collection of 4-5 pairs gathered up at home.
Nothing to write home about here, 7 swings.
Out final park visit will be on Thursday and we are so excited to celebrate with friends and family!

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