Monday, June 21, 2021

Journey to 100 Parks #76 - French Regional Park - Plymouth, MN

This is another park that we have lots of history with.  I first came here in college.  Back then, it had a lot more net climbers .  We've been here a few times with the kids as well.
Key Features
Left: June 2013, Right: June 2021.  The first picture was the old structure.  They remodeled a few years ago.

Parker spent most of his time on the side of the building inspecting the automatic door and air conditioner.
Left: May 2019, Right: June 2021 in the same spot.
It was a little cooler today, but on a hot day the mister would have been fun.  Parker likes to push the button, but quickly darted out of the way.
This one is close to perfect, but didn't have enough to distract Parker from other things, so it gets a 9.

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