Monday, February 15, 2021

M & M's Taste Test 2021

We capped our Valentine's celebration with an M & M's taste test.  I snagged 12 different varieties for us to try and rank.  We didn't do a blind taste test since it was going to be pretty obvious for most of them.
The kids were very interested in the spread and it was hard to keep them away.
We all tasted at the same time and created our own rankings with sheets I printed up.  I used colored post-its to make them easy to move around.  I also used the colors to put them in three different categories.
Purple - Nuts
Blue - Chocolate
Pink - Filled and flavored

We went around and tried to guess each persons favorite and least favorite varieties.  There were a lot of surprises and we all learned a bit about our preferences.
I averaged the rankings to create a final, definitive ranking of flavors.
I love that we came across these taste tests during the pandemic.  I look forward to more and am already planning a diet root beer one!

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