Sunday, February 14, 2021

Friendship Parties

Before I get to the kids' friendship day parties at school, I will share a couple other school pictures.  Esme has been doing great with speech the last couple months.  She gets to have her sessions in person now, which is exciting.  I can hear the progress she is making and am so proud of her.  They also had football day the Friday before the Super Bowl and she was matching with one of her teachers.
Friendship Day parties looked a bit different this year.  I normally get a little more creative with what the kids hand out, but I ran out of time this year.  Esme needed to bring hers to school at least 2 days before so they could quarantine in the room.  Both kids have been enjoying the sticky hands party favors, so I just wrote on the plastic pack and she wrote her name on the back.  She was trying very hard to keep all the letters on the hand itself.

Parker's class still had a party, but didn't exchange anything.  They got a bag of special treats from the teachers and made art as a gift for parents or other special adults.
They nailed the pose of him blowing the hearts/kisses.  I love it so much and replaced our winter decor with this awesome art.
Up Next: Valentine's Fondue

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