Friday, February 26, 2021

Esme is the Star of the Week

Esme's class will have a star of the week each week until the end of the year.  She was randomly chosen to kick things off.  She got to do some special things all week and share a lot of fun stuff.  We got a laminated book at the end.  I helped her complete the Star Student sheet.  I love that she wants to be a dinosaur when she grows up!
Her friends had so many nice things to say about her.
On Monday, she brought a family picture to show her class.  On Tuesday, she got to choose a special item to bring for a guessing game.  She brought the music box grandpa made for her.
On Wednesday, she brought her favorite book to be read to the class.
She got to bring a stuffed animal to keep out and play with all day on Thursday.  White puppy got that coveted role.  On Friday, she brought a tasty snack to share!  She felt so loved the whole week and loved telling us about all the great things she did.

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