Sunday, February 28, 2021

February 2021 Hodgepodge

I feel like COVID has led to more random picture posts since we aren't doing as many organized things.  Here is the rest of our February.  We finally said goodbye to our trusty electric skillet we've used since just before we were married.  It was Jimmy's primary cooking method while our kitchen was torn apart for a few weeks.  We've had the new one for at least 5 years.  I asked for a new one when I thought it was on it's last leg, but turned out it just needed a good cleaning.
Esme is showing more personality every day and loves to mimc the things we do.  She wanted to lounge just like dad.  We've been enjoying more frequent visits with Grandpa and Nana's house, always with cinnamon rolls.
I picked up a free treadmill from a friend.  We just needed to haul it, which was the perfect price to pay!  I have been struggling to find motivation to work out, but walking is pretty easy.  I am going to start out slow and see where it takes me.  Also looking forward to more walks outside as it warms up.
Our microwave has had a weird glitch that had recently become harder to mitigate.  I couldn't take it anymore and pulled the trigger on a new one.  We planned to have my parents help install it before our Valentine's dinner.  I was prepping the cabinet and installing the mounting bracket during quiet time and ended up attempting to complete it myself.  I was pretty proud of myself for knocking it out!
I made a fun 40th birthday shirt for Jimmy's cousin inspired by his favorite whiskey.
School has been continuing to go well.  A new friend started in Esme's class and I got some really sweet pictures.
I've received a few pictures and videos from speech and well and love to hear her progress.
I don't get as many pictures of Parker, but he did bring home the cutest assignment.  Yes, you CAN pizza.
About a year ago I learned about a product called Color Street.  They are instant dry nail polish strips and I really started doing some fun things in the last couple months.  The best thing is they helped me (finally) stop biting my nails.  Nail polish has helped in the past, but these last a lot longer.
I started a new project to end the month.  I am hoping to make a piece of wall art that will display our wedding guestbook notes.  We will see how it finally turns out.

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