Sunday, September 6, 2020

Staycation 2: The rest of the things

In between our house projects and my golfing, we were able to have a little fun.  Here is some of the highlights.  I removed Parker's training wheels this spring hoping it would encourage him to try riding.  He has been pushing it along working on balance and just started trying to put his feet on the pedals.  Here are a few clips of him working on it.
One of his big interests the last couple weeks has been batteries.  Hide your screwdrivers! He likes to line up all the electronic toys with their batteries next to them.  This was a small line, but he had a huge one just yesterday.  He is pretty good about putting them back in when we ask.  We have stowed all the screwdrivers to deter him a bit, just so we don't have batteries laying all over the house.  We had lots of special treats this week including ice cream sandwiches and "strawberry" pie.  We also had a virtual open house for Esme's preschool.  I was really impressed at the parent turnout and engagement.  We got to hear a little about program specifics, ask questions, and get a tour of the room.  They are usually all in one room, but they are splitting into two this year to try to maintain social distancing.  Parents will not be allowed in school and will be dropping off at the curb outside.  This shouldn't be an issue with Esme since she will be going in with Parker, but I can imagine it may be tough for some 4-year-olds to be left on a curb with a stranger.
We had our first real outing on Friday.  We went to the Mall of America to take advantage of our free birthday offer at Bubba Gump Shrimp company and walk around.  Jimmy has been on a protein shake kick and was excited to get Jamba Juice's version.
I got coconut shrimp and Parker got a pepperoni pizza before walking around and picking up some popcorn for the road.
Parker did a pretty good job keeping his mask on with just a few reminders to keep it over his nose.  The mall was really empty which was great for us.  A lot of store have modified hours and open days, which probably has an impact.
Another big change is coming for Esme.  Friday was her last day at daycare.  We switched providers in February and immediately fell in love with Nellie.  COVID-19 made our time with her pretty interesting.  I wish we would have found her when we were looking 3 years ago, but it was great while we were there.  She helped make grape juice last week by picking the grapes off the vines.  If she had an opening through next summer, we may have opted to stay there instead of doing pre-school.
We ended our week with more treats.  Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich from Thelma's.  They are nationwide now, but started at the DesMoines Farmer's Market.  I couldn't find the year they started, but we tried them on our trip to DesMoines in 2013.  There were just in a little cart at the time, so I imagine it had to be pretty new.  Just a couple more days off, then back to the grind.


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