Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Minnesota Twins Fan Appreciation Parade

The Twins hosted a drive through parade for fans on Saturday.  This is typically fan appreciation weekend at the ballpark, but they had to do it a bit different without fans allowed inside.  Jimmy was working, so it was just the kids and myself.  It was a free event, but you registered for a time slot in advance.
We arrived right on time for our 9:15 and we inadvertently cut to the front of the line.  I wasn't expecting there to be a long line so early in the day and the road we took in that cut the line.
I masked up for safety and let Parker unbuckle.
We got a goodie bag at the beginning with some trucker hats, snacks, brats, buns, and cold brew coffee.  The stocking hats were given out at the end.  We didn't have a use for 4 trucker hats, so we passed those on to Parker's teacher who has 3 teenage boys.
TC Bear was the next stop.  By this point Parker was standing up out the window to say hello to everyone.  The side mirror picture is my favorite.
We got our car decorated with a Twins logo.  You could choose "Twins" or their "TC" logo.

We got a strip of stickers to write our names on.  They put them on a huge baseball.
Pretty short, but it was fun to have a safe activity on the calendar after a really tame summer.  I had hoped they would do more in the playoffs, but it wasn't meant to be.  The Twins now have the record for the most consecutive playoff loses at 18.  It's been a weird year all around, but baseball made it feel a little normal.  Thanks for a fun couple of months, less than 6 to the next season!

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