Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Things are getting a little bit back to normal, but health and safety is still a big priority, so we will be wearing masks anything we will be around others.  We started the process of estate planning back in February and while law offices were not closed, it ended up getting put on the back burner for a while.  I am happy to say we finally got it put together and signed.  We had an amazing experience with Erickson & Wessman  and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for legal assistance.  We were able to stay in our vehicle for the signing, which was appreciated since we had Parker with us.
We also finally got back to the dentist after rescheduling appointments for the kids twice.  Their original appointments were just a couple days after everything started closing up in March.  Parker was pretty compliant and kept his mask on until we got in to the office, but Esme was not a fan of hers.  I was originally planning to have my dad come with so each child would have an adult, but they requested only one adult per family.  We ended up in a room all together which worked out pretty well.
Esme's well child appointment was supposed to be in mid-April, but was pushed back to July as well.  She was much better at wearing her mask this time (definitely not because I promised her ice cream.). Both experiences were really nice and made me feel comfortable with the kids.
Governor Walz just announced that masks will be mandated for all indoor public spaces in the state.  I am glad it's finally mandated, but wish it has been done earlier.  I know there are a lot of people that will still resist, but I hope it increases usage.

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