Monday, October 15, 2018

Chili Cook-Off #1

Chili Cook-Off #2 (to be blogged later) had been on the calendar for weeks when my work announced they would be having one the day before.  It was a lovely coincidence and I was able to just wake one larger batch for both events.
 I got a fun surprise while prepping veggies when I found my bell pepper to be "pregnant."  I heard something rattling around and there it was!
 The crock pots lined up early Friday morning and there were 15 offerings to try.  There wasn't a lot of naming creativity, but #8 is pretty clever (hint: that was mine.)
 We had small tasting cups to start with, then you got to get more of your favorites.  I was nearly full by the time I was done tasting.  My favorite was #4, the recipe of which can be found here.
 The overall winner was Tony, #10, with a tri-tip steak chili.  He's spent quite a bit of time perfecting his recipe, so it was well deserved.
 I got a fun surprise after loading my crock pot in the car at the end of the day.  Had I not done that, I likely wouldn't have noticed my missing bumper.  It seems someone decided to take it at some point during the day.  The license plate was on there as well, so Jimmy had to go get new plates today. Not a great way to start a weekend and now I am on the hunt for a new one.

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