Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Playdates and Family Time

I have two girlfriends that recently had babies as well.  Allie's cutie, Carter (middle), is about 2 months old and Bethany's beauty, Bria (left), was born the day after Esme.  We got together on Monday for a stroll and chat through Fish Lake Park.  It will be fun to watch these little ones grow up.
 I have been loving all the family time we get since I have been home.  Parker is becoming more curious and helpful by the day.  He really likes to help bathe Esme, but isn't always careful with wear the water goes.
 He hasn't tried changing a diaper yet, but does like to stand on a stool next to her.  He has been obsessed with belly buttons since first seeing her cord stump.  He will lift up his shirt everywhere and say "bo bo."  He won't stop until we say "belly button."
 He has been helping burp her the last few days.  I noticed he kept thinking it was funny, so I showed him how to gently, but firmly pat her back and he has been doing a great job.  I just hope he doesn't take it as a license to hit!
 Esme is having more and more awake time each day.  She spent a lot of this even looking in the direction of Parker.  I know at her age she can't really see him, but I think she can tell someone is bopping around.
It would be nice to always be home, but I will just have to cherish the time while I have it!

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