Thursday, May 26, 2016

6 Weeks and Children's Museum with Grandpa

I am officially halfway through my maternity leave, which makes me pretty sad.  Esme gained 6 more ounces this week and is 8 lbs. 5 oz.
 We "celebrated" by going to the Children's Museum with Grandpa.  He gave Esme her bottle before heading out.
 Parker showed Grandpa all of his favorite things, like the gear wall.  I had Esme in my Ergo carrier, so she didn't get in any of the pictures.  I haven't tried any solo outings with both kids and it was really nice to have my dad's help today.
 We haven't been on a weekday yet and usually have to fight for space at a lot of the exhibits, especially water works.  It was nice to have access to all the fun.
 We all needed an engineer to figure out how to get the ball up on this one, good thing we had Grandpa!
 I had either missed the Earth Works exhibit on our last visit or it was closed.  It was built to be like an ant hill, with a big ramp leading to caves and a spot to overlook the whole room.
 Grandpa and Parker got to hone their super hero power with a fun green screen exhibit.
A couple of studs!
Esme slept through the whole visit, but got a bit cranky on the drive home so we skipped out lunch plans.  I think I could be ready for a solo trip now!

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