Monday, January 11, 2016

Laughing and Learning Weekend!

We had a great weekend enduring the cold!  Parker and I made our first trip to the Children's Museum since getting our membership.  A lot of exhibits are under construction, but there were plenty of fun things to do.  Parker probably could have played with the blowing cloud the whole time!
They have a great area for kids 4 and under that we spent most of our time in.
They had a fun castle exhibit that wasn't there last time (that was three years ago!)
He always has a knack of finding the things that spin or turn.
Our last stop was "Ramp It Up."  We made a bunch of ramps and watched the balls roll!  I don't think it was too busy for a Saturday, but I don't have much to compare it to.  I hope to get there more when I am home with baby girl too.
We worked on a lot of self help things this weekend as well.  He is great at putting on shirts, but pants are a bit of a struggle still.  He gets it right sometimes, but this was a rough one.  He didn't want to put them back on, so I just left them.  He came waddling out a few minutes later!
We also worked on using a fork.  We haven't enforced it very much yet, but I decided to on Sunday.  He was doing pretty well with it, even with a bit of intervention.
The two videos below just make me smile.  He was being a bit of a DJ with one of his toys and was just giggling during nap time.  We aren't totally sure why, but it might have something to do with his shadow.
The last thing we have been more diligent about is potty training.  I put him in a pull-up when he woke up and prompted him to go potty ever 1.5-2 hours. He stayed dry all day, so he got to watch his Leapfrog movie before bed.  We are still a long way from being fully trained, but this was a big day for us.  He obviously understands all the mechanics and routines that go with it, but he hasn't started to indicate urge yet.  Going #2 will be a whole different story as well, but I am excited for this progress.
I hope you guys had a great weekend!  Unless you are a Packer fan, then you just stink!  Have a great week!

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  1. What a fun outing! And those vidoes are adorable :) Way to use that fork, Parker!!