Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Overnight with Grandpa and Nana

We decided to take dinner over to my parents house on Friday.  We'd been craving some Italian and it has become a habit of picking up food at Sweet Taste of Italy and bringing it over.  I think this was the 3rd time.  Their food is great and it doesn't hurt that they have a Groupon you can buy 5 times!  My mom also asked if Parker and I wanted to spend the night, so we did.  Jimmy had to work the next day, otherwise he may have too!

Routines typically become very prominent for kids on the spectrum.  My dad started having Parker sit with him after getting his jammies on.  He will just sit and snuggle until it's time for bed.  Grandpa really likes to brag about it!  It is so cute and I love how good of friends they are becoming.  I am also pretty jealous of the snuggles, I rarely get them at home!
 Parker's favorite part of weekends in the country is the hot tub!  Saturday morning was a little breezy, so we put a hat on him.  We also didn't let him stay in as long this time.  He knows right away when it is hot tub time!
 Later in the morning I actually ended up getting a few snuggles when Parker hit his head on the end table.  He rarely cries when he hurts himself which I find interesting.  I think most kids cry out of pain or fear, but he usually just wimpers a bit and comes over for some snuggles.  It will be interesting to see how baby girl is.  I have a feeling it's going to be a whole new experience.
 We also got a chance to play outside in the snow!  It was really cold for a few weeks and finally started to warm up, so we had to take advantage!
 We even went for a ride on the twister!  We had to take it pretty slow so our faces didn't freeze, but we had fun visiting the cows and driving down the road.
It looks like the weather will stay warmer for a while, so hopefully we will get to play outside some more.  I hope you had a great weekend too!

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