Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bowling Party

Parker was invited to a bowling birthday party this weekend for his friends, Mitchell and Sophia.  Since we met most of his buddies at an infant ECFE class they all have fall birthdays.  It makes for a fun and busy season!  We got there early so we got to bowl a few rounds before it got too crazy.
Parker, Mitchell, and Sophia
 Parker loved saying "ready, set, go" and pushing the ball down the ramp.
 With a little aiming help from mom, Parker got a strike on his second shot!  That's the "X" on the bottom below.  Ignore the letters, the kids were just going in whatever order.
It got a bit hectic once all the kids arrived, but the parents did a great job regulating and helping the kids.  Parker was happy just running around and trying to walk on the open lanes.
 We tried to keep him off, but he kept going back!
 He eventually got a good scolding and that took care of things.
 Happy Birthday Mitchell and Sophia!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.  We can't wait to go bowling again!

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  1. That one of Parker sitting at the edge of the lane is great! "Relaxing" is what it looks like. :)
    Thank you for the pictures.