Sunday, September 13, 2015

Date Night at Lake Calhoun

We haven't had a real date night since July since we went to Winnipeg and the State Fair.  It was Jimmy's turn to plan, so he decided we would head to Lake Calhoun for dinner and a walk.  Jimmy has been eyeing up the My Burger menu for a while!  It is just off the lake, so it was a perfect dinner spot.  I got the special, BLT burger.  Thick cut bacon, bacon cheddar, and bacon mayo was the perfect trifecta to top this one!  Jimmy got the basic bacon bleu.
 It was a perfect night for a walk around the lake.  It was fitting too, since we were just one day shy of 7 years since Jimmy proposed to me.  I had to get a picture with the bench where it all happened.
 We walked around the whole lake, 3.1 miles.  Parker was getting a bit antsy by the time we were finished and didn't want back in the car.
 We finished the evening with a bowl of "The Tonight Dough" from Ben and Jerry's.  We stopped there before Jimmy proposed 7 years ago.  I wish I could remember what we got!  This was delicious none the less and make for a perfect night cap.
Up next: Kick-off Weekend at Church

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  1. Aww What a fun date! I'd love to hear the proposal story someday :)