Sunday, August 2, 2015

Target Field Date Night

We had a Parkerless date night on Friday.  He slept over at Grandpa and Grandma Herrmann's and we went to the Twins game.  The Twins drafted Chris Herrmann in 2009 and Byron Buxton three years later in 2012.  We have been patiently waiting (and hoping) for both of them to get called up at the same time.  If you didn't know, my maiden name is Buxton, so it was going to be amazing if they ever played together!  Herrmann has been called up and sent back a few times over the last several years and Buxton finally made his debut in mid-June!  They batted back-to-back at Buxton's first home game, it was pretty awesome to see that line-up card!  I had been eyeing up custom t-shirts for us and finally pulled the trigger at the end of June.  Buxton ended up spraining his thumb and is out for a bit, but I was still proud to wear his number!
We headed downtown early with plans to grab a little bite.  We just walked until we found something that looked good.  Maruso Street Food Bar looked pretty tasty so we stopped in.
We shared some fish tacos and veggie fritters.  I love a good fritter and these were amazing!  They came with a sweet chili sauce, which was a perfect match for the rich batter and vegetables.
It was a perfect night for baseball, will an amazing view.  The Twins lost, but it was still a great time.
We didn't get any food at the ballpark, so we stopped for some appetizers at Teresa's.  It was the perfect night out!

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  1. HAHA That's really cool about the names of the players. That will definitely never happen for us since Ruark is a really unusual name ;) Glad you two got a fun date night!