Monday, June 24, 2019

Four Little Robins

We had a robin build a nest on our porch light.  There was an empty one there for a while that I didn't move until last summer.  Since it was vacant early enough, another bird decided to make a home.  I noticed it in late May and had been taking pictures every couple days.  I couldn't see in from the step, but was able to hold my phone over it.  I finally saw eggs on June 8th and continued to document them as much as I could.  There is a video at the end as well.
 June 12th - babies!
 June 13th
 The mom and dad were not swooping in as much at the beginning, so I was able to lift the kids up to show them the baby birds.  Esme continued to talk about them and point to the nest as the days went by.
 June 14th
June 16th
 June 17th
 June 18th
June 19th 
 June 20th
 June 22nd - Only two birds left, not long before it's empty.
 June 23rd - Empty nest.  It was a fun couple of weeks watching the birds grow!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Summer in Full Swing

We are knee deep in summer now and trying to enjoy all it has to offer.  We have bulked up our freezie and popsicle stash, which everyone approves of.
So much joy from such little bubbles!
We have gone to watch our niece, Emma, play softball a few times.  This is her first year in a fast pitch league and I think she's really having fun.
Esme may just follow in her footsteps.  She's been playing tee-ball at daycare for a whole and we finally got a set for at home and she loves it.  My favorite part is the sweet bat flip!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Father's Day - Annual Tree Pictures

The middle of June means it's Father's Day and time for the kids' annual tree pictures with Grandpa Buxton. This is Parker's 8th year and Esme's 4th.  It is so fun to see how the trees and kids (and grandpa) have grown.
 This was the morning after the Twins game, so I was just picking them up quick before heading to church.
 All the kids made super hero chocolate bars at church for their dads.  The toddlers gave the best reasons that their dads are Super.
Jimmy got his gift a few weeks ago, so this day passed with little fanfare, but he knows how much we love and appreciate him.  Hope you had a chance to honor the fathers in your life.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Joe Mauer Number Retirement Game

As soon as I heard when the Twins would be retiring Joe Mauer's number, I bought tickets.  Drafted by the Twins in 2001, debuted for them in 2004, played 15 seasons with them and retired in 2018.  He had some struggles in the later years, but had an incredible career. 6 All-Star appearances, 2009 AL MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, 5 Silver Sluggers, and 3 time AL Batting Champion.

They had several pre-game events.  Mauer's brothers had a hitting competition with TC Bear.
The living players with retired numbers had a special reception and walked in from the outfield. Tony Oliva, Tom Kelly, Kent Hrbek, Bert Blyleven, and Rod Carew.
Joe was given several introductory speeches, then his own.
He was gifted with the home plate from his final game last fall as well as a sign copy of TI's "What You Know" record, which was his walk up song for the last 13 years of his career.
The ceremony ended with the revealing of Mauer's number and the ceremonial first pitch with his dad.

The game itself started out slow for the Twins, going down 2 in the first inning.  They rallied in the middle innings and won 5-4.
We grabbed a picture with the giant number 7 on the plaza before heading out for the night.  It was a cool game to be a part of!  Congrats Joe and good luck with your next adventure!