Monday, June 24, 2019

Four Little Robins

We had a robin build a nest on our porch light.  There was an empty one there for a while that I didn't move until last summer.  Since it was vacant early enough, another bird decided to make a home.  I noticed it in late May and had been taking pictures every couple days.  I couldn't see in from the step, but was able to hold my phone over it.  I finally saw eggs on June 8th and continued to document them as much as I could.  There is a video at the end as well.
 June 12th - babies!
 June 13th
 The mom and dad were not swooping in as much at the beginning, so I was able to lift the kids up to show them the baby birds.  Esme continued to talk about them and point to the nest as the days went by.
 June 14th
June 16th
 June 17th
 June 18th
June 19th 
 June 20th
 June 22nd - Only two birds left, not long before it's empty.
 June 23rd - Empty nest.  It was a fun couple of weeks watching the birds grow!

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