Monday, January 15, 2018

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

Our luck continued this week when Jimmy won tickets to the Vikings divisional playoff game from Hy-Vee.  It was a chilly, snowy day, so we headed down early to get parking and minimize wait times at security.  We had a decent amount of time to burn, but we got to see warm ups and take some fun pictures.
We had another opportunity to take a pictures with some cheerleaders.  Evan, the one in the middle, was also in Jimmy's picture from two weeks prior.
A couple of hours made a big difference!
 Minnesota native, Adam Theilen, with his wife and son.
Vikings first touchdown by McKinnon.
 Half time show by Walk Off the Earth
 Aftermath of a tough hit on Sendejo.
 Cris Carter revving up the crowd.
 Disbelief after winning the game.  Jimmy was sqautting in this same position with his hands on his head.
 Keenum realizing he needs to go back on the field to run the extra point.
 Keenum leading the SKOL chant.
Here is a video of some pre and post-game moments.  It was the most electric atmosphere I have ever experienced and will be a game we never forget.  SKOL Vikings, lets take those Eagles!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Esme June - Twenty One Months Old

Esme June is twenty one months old today.  We won't have another doctor's appointment until she is two, so no weight or height update, but she seems to be growing well.  Her favorite things lately are imitating her brother (which is why she is sockless in January.)  She tries to do anything he is doing and get frustrated if she can't or he won't let her.  She is still in size 5 diapers and mostly 2T clothing, with some 18 month items still.  She really loves music and is starting to sing along with us and actually make a little sense.  On the same note (pun intended), her language continues to grow.  She is regularly counting to 5 and even goes to 10 sometimes.  Eating can still be a bit of a struggle.  I finally organized a meal plan again, which will hopefully help present a larger variety of food so she doesn't get in a Parker diet rut.  So far she is willing to eat things, but doesn't care to feed them to herself. 

Our new daycare is going really well.  Esme has no problems with drop off or pick up.  I take her gear off when we arrive and she runs right to the play room.  She comes running back when I call her name in the evening.  Pictures went pretty well this time.  My new camera did wonders for the indoor lighting we were working with.  It was all I could do to get her to sit still for a moment.
Here are a couple of fun videos from the last week.  She was so tired before lunch last weekend, not even Moana kept her awake.
Here she is just trying to be in on the joke.  A little overkill, but cute none the less.
Just a few more months till you're two, slow down baby bear!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears

My work raffled tickets to the Vikings game last weekend and I won!  It was a bitter cold day, but our parking had access to an indoor skyway.  We were able to leave out coats in the car, which was very helpful moving around.  It got a little crowded (and hot) on the way out.
Our seats were in the Hyundai Club, which had a separate lounge area for eating.  There were a bunch of food options (but not very well managed) and free refills on pop.  We got a gyro because it had the shortest wait time.  The meat was salty, but it was ok.  They also had a fun condiment selection.
I brought my new camera and got some really great pictures with my zoom lens.  Gjallarhorn and SKOL chant.
Player introductions
This was the view from our seats at taken with my phone.  It looks far away, but was closer in person.
It was a pretty boring game, but the Vikes won 23-10 and Jimmy got his picture taken with a couple cheerleaders (which turned out to by slightly controversial on Facebook...)