Monday, April 17, 2017

Girl's Day

I took Friday off to spend the day with Esme for her birthday.  We originally planned to go to the newly renovated children's museum, but the opening got delayed a couple months.  So we kind of went out without a plan.  First stop was breakfast with dad at work.
Then we went to Como Zoo and Conservatory.  It was a little chilly and a lot of animals were still in for the winter.  It was still a fun first zoo trip for Esme.
Our next stop was lunch with Nana.  We went to a Chinese buffet.  Esme didn't eat any, but it was yummy!
I picked up a donut for her to "eat" after dinner.  I may have helped a little, but I think she enjoyed it!
It was a great girl's day and a great birthday!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Esme June - One Year Old

Esme is one year old today.  She finally started crawling on her knees this month, can sit herself up and is pulling to standing on a regular basis.  Just last week she also started cruising along furniture, so walking shouldn't be too far behind.  She is sleeping really well, but occasionally fusses a little when we first put her down.  She can easily be soothed with a pacifier when she stirs in the middle of the night.

She weighs in at 21 lb. 12.5 oz. (78th percentile) and is 30.5" long (90th percentile.) We switched her over to mostly 18 month clothing.  We still need to get some more pajamas, but then we will be set for the summer.  She is still in size 4 diapers during the day but we are using size 5 at night.  We started transitioning to whole milk a couple weeks ago and are just burning through the last of the formula.  She usually has 4 bottles per day and is eating 3 meals. She has gotten a little better with self feeding snacks, but doesn't do well with most foods yet.  We've tried so many sippy cups with no success, but she did start drinking from a straw in the last day or two.  She still will not pick the cup up, but has never held her bottle without help either.  

She is getting very vocal and makes several consonant sounds.  She has said "mama" and "dada", but we aren't sure they are directed towards us.  She has started clapping for us when we ask her to and when we do it.  12-15 months is usually when imitating activities start to rev up, so we will be looking for that as well.  We are waiting for the rest of her 1 year pictures to come back from the photographer and I will share those when I get them.  Here is a video of all her weekly pictures, which shows how much she has grown.
 She's been obsessed with the blocks for weeks, so I stopped trying so much and just let her play.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Esme's Circus Birthday Bash!

We invited everyone over for lunch immediately following the dedication and planned her party at 2:00, to which more people were invited.  I borrowed an elephant costume from my friend Cindy and it was perfect for her invitation.
We had a nacho bar, fruit, chocolate cupcakes and funfetti cake.
I saw this on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect!
There was a threat of rain leading up to Sunday, but it held out until after the party.  It's always nice to have the outdoor factor in play for a big party.
It took me months to decide on a cake design.  There were so many (complicated) possibilities and I just wasn't up for anything too crazy, so a circus tent it was.
Esme was our Ringmaster and needed something that fit the role.  I made her a dumbo first birthday onesie with heat transfer vinyl, a tutu with tulle and ribbon, and a top hat head band.  She was ravishing!
Over 20 people joined us to celebrate her birthday.
She got so many great gifts.  Several outfits and dresses for summer and lots of new toys.
I didn't want her to destroy the dumbo shirt, so I made a separate one for the cake smash.
She dug in right away, but it was pretty slow going.  As mentioned, she isn't much of a self-feeder.  I helped her break it open at one point, but she got her share of sugar.  Here is a shortened video or you can scroll down to the pictures.

We are so grateful for everyone that joined us and made Esme's day the best!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Esme's Dedication

We had Esme's dedication at church and birthday party on the same day to make things easier for out of town family.  For those not familiar, a dedication is pretty much a baptism without water.  We are making a public statement that we will raise Esme in the Christian tradition and she will be baptized when she is able and ready to profess belief in Jesus.  She wore a special dress for the ceremony that was purchased in 1949 for Jimmy's aunt to be baptized in.  All of the kids, including his dad, were baptized in it.  It was then used to several of Jimmy's cousins and our niece.  Esme was the 11th child to wear it.  It was a little tight in the arms and neck, but baptismal dresses are typically used for smaller babies.
A total of 5 children were dedicated between both services.  Our senior pastor was out of town so she was dedicated by Chuck Landon.  He is a retired pastor that speaks from time to time.  He is also our small group leader and shares a birthday with Esme.  They have a pretty special connection and we were excited to have him part of the service.
We were joined by lots of family and it was so special.
"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.  Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Filler Post

This is just a filler post before Esme's birthday bash makes the blog.  We had a busy week leading up to the party on Sunday.  She got her first significant boo boo on Tuesday when she ran in to a chair in Parker's therapy office.  I was hoping it would completely heal before the party, but she still had a little scab on her eyelid.
I managed to sneak in her weekly picture, but only got the one with dumbo as she just wouldn't cooperate.
Here are a couple sweet videos from last week too.  I love her bob and weave and she loves her food!

I am hoping to have birthday festivities up soon, have a great week!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Light It Up Blue

It's April, which means it is Autism Awareness Month.  April 2 is Light It Up Blue Day.  Homes, buildings, bridges and more light up blue to bring attention to autism.  As with many families, every day is autism awareness for us, but any excuse to show support is a great one for me!  We broke out our blue porch light and will keep it up all month (or until summer, when we remember to switch it out.)
We wore our blue Parker Patrol shirts on Sunday too!  The picture on the left highlights one of the struggles we can face.  We made a trip to Costco.  We ALWAYS eat pizza first, then go shopping.  We were on a time crunch so we shopped, then took dinner to go.  Routines are integral to our lives.  As soon as we started to walk out Parker began to cry and say "itzza, itzza."  We tried to tell him we were going to have it at home, but he just didn't understand.  We know that things like this cause major meltdowns for others and feel blessed that Parker stays pretty calm.  The short ride home was kinda brutal, but he was all smiles to see the Pizza when we got there.
 The picture woes continue with Ms. Esme as well.  It's nearly impossible to get the same two pictures, but I did it and we only have 2 weeks to go!  I hat to solicit the help of toys this time!
It's birthday party week now as well, can't wait to celebrate this weekend!