Monday, April 9, 2018

The Coldest Twins Game Ever

Many weeks backed Jimmy picked April 7th for our first Twins game.  Little did we know it would go down in history as the coldest Twins home game ever!  We bucked up, bundled up, and headed to the field.  We arrived a little early so we could walk around and check out the newer things.
We grabbed a bite to eat and warmed up up for a bit in the Two Gingers bar before first pitch.  Jimmy was eyeing up another fan's dinger dog when we heard them ask another fan if they wanted it because they weren't going to eat it.  They declined, but we are smarter than that and pounced on the opportunity (which isn't weird at all.)  Jimmy was so proud of our victory.  Free hot dog!
With our tummies full it was time for first pitch at a balmy 27 degrees with a 15 degree windchill.
There was even some snow still hanging around the stadium,
The official attendance numbers are based on tickets sold, which was 18,000, but there was nowhere near that many people there.  You can see just how empty it was in this panoramic picture.  Jimmy is in the center at the bottom.  There was about 15 people sitting in our section at the peak.  We headed down to the lower level at the end of the sixth and we were the last ones there.
My friend Rachel is an usher for the Twins, so we checked out her section and found some heat lamps.  Our faces were so cold and a little wind-burnt.
The Twins ended up losing 11-4, but we made it through the whole game, which is a pretty big accomplishment considering the conditions.  I don't think I fully thawed out until the next morning.  Hopefully our next one is warmer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter 2018

We had a great Easter this year.  Jimmy had to work for the first time in a many years, so the kids and I headed to his parents' house after church.  Both kids looked adorable in their Easter outfits.
Esme had fun "playing catch" with Emma before lunch.
Jim and Cherry prepared a great meal and we were so blessed to share it with them.
We stopped at my parents' house next ad Jimmy met us their.  The kids got their Easter baskets and opened cards from Nana and Grandpa.
Esme got delivery on her Moana table and chairs from Christmas and she loves it!  We replaced the glider in her room with it and she likes to sit and read her books there every day.
I threw together a chocolate cake for Jayden's birthday and we also desserted on coconut cream pie!
I hope you were able to spend Easter celebrating with family or friends.  

He Is Risen!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pre-Easter Festivities

We enjoyed some pre-Easter activities this week.  We dyed eggs on Friday.  Parker is still working on understanding the concept, but he had fun playing with the stickers.  I was hoping to make deviled eggs, but they ended up a little undercooked.  I had them perfected at the old house, but will have to tweak things on our electric range.  They were still edible, just not how iId hoped.
 We got several inches of snow leading in to the weekend.  We had planned a trip to Two Harbors to celebrate some family birthdays and Easter, but there was close to a foot of snow a couple hours north of us that was causing major road issues on the highway, so we stayed close to home.
 The annual Easter Egg hunt in my parent's town was changed to a drive-thru experience.
 Parker was a bit timid with the Easter bunny, but didn't freak out.  When I ask him to say "hi", he kind of squealed and kindly said "bye".  The person in the costume did great and kind of hid behind the door, but still waved and was really sweet.
 We stopped at my parents' house to check out the haul, then headed to lunch with my nephew, Jayden, as an early birthday celebration.
 Both kids did really well at the restaurant.  Parker had fun rolling the crayons across the table to Grandpa and Jayden.  We had a tough run when Esme was a baby and we stopped eating out a restaurants for a while, but we may be able to try again since we've had a couple successful trips.
Happy early birthday Jayden!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Celebrating 9 Years with Family Fun

I had a few days off this week for spring break.  Jimmy couldn't get the whole week off, but Wednesday was his normal day off.  It was also our 9th anniversary, so we spent some time as a family.  We headed over to the children's museum, which was busier than I expected, but there were a lot of field trip groups.  They have a newer Daniel Tiger exhibit that both kids loved.
 Parker's favorite part was the music area.  It was a bunch of unconventional items made in to instruments.
Our second stop was in Our World.  Parker hung out in the hardware store as usual and Esme held down the taco stand.
She was adding things to her pan, stirring, and taste testing.
 Parker joined her and they both had fun spinning the bowls.
 I made some tasty brunch burgers for dinner with candied bacon and a fried egg.
Things have changed a bit in the last 9 years, but I wouldn't trade our little life and family for anything!  Happy Anniversary Jimmy!