Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas: Round 1

We had two Christmas parties Saturday night after cookie extravaganza.  The first was our neighborhood party.  I was very excited to meet more of our new neighbors.  Almost everyone we hadn't met before said "You must be the new people in the red house."  We learned that we were the first new residents in 10 years.  It was a packed house.  I wish we could have stayed longer, but had another place to get to.
 I went solo to our annual Ugly Sweater and White Elephant Gift Party with friends from our old newly marrieds group.  It is getting harder for everyone to arrange sitters and make it out, so this may be the last year.
 There were some silly gifts this year, like a horse head and footie pajamas.
 It was a super fun night (as always.)
 I went with a full body theme this year, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer."  I painted hoof prints and glued cut-offs from our Christmas tree.  Topped off with a wig, broken glasses, a black eye and bloody gash.  Rachel and I even coordinated unintentionally since she was a reindeer.
I will get to wear it one more time for my work potluck next week.  Happy kickoff to the holidays!

Cookie Extravaganza 2017!

Saturday was a busy day.  It started with our 4th annual cookie extravaganza.  We were originally planning to do it on Sunday but then our church announced a bake sale, so we wanted to finish in time.  We pared down our recipes to make sure we would have enough time since there were two Christmas parties to attend that evening.
Gingerdoodles and Laurie's sugar cookies
Chocolate Chip cookies with multi-colored and regular chips.  I still haven't mastered these...
We also had a chocolate cookie and red velvet cookie that just didn't turn out well.  I think I will do better prep for next year if we want to try new recipes.
We were able to donate a ton of cookies to the bake sale and have plenty to share with friends and co-workers.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tour of Mythicality

A couple years ago I caught on to the Good Mythical Morning craze.  It is a YouTube show hosted by two quirky almost middle aged guys who have been friend since first grade.  They talk about random things, play silly games, and eat weird stuff.  They have over 12 million subscribers now, a YouTube TV show, book, and sold out cross-country tour.  When I heard about this unique in person experience more than 6 months ago I just had to go.  Jimmy is a casual watcher, but thinks it gets too silly sometimes.  Despite this, he played the good husband role and agreed to tag along.  My mom stopped by on her way home from work Friday to pick up the kids.  We headed downtown and grabbed dinner at Davanni's prior to the show.
 It was originally slated to take place at the Fitzgerald theater in St. Paul.  Demand was overwhelming and the 1000+ seats were snatched up quickly, so they moved it to the 2500+ Orpheum in Minneapolis.  This was the largest venue on the tour.
 I've never been to there before, but it is a gorgeous old theater.  We had really good seats about 10 rows from the front.
 They incorporated aspects of the book they released, their YouTube content and other musical offerings.
It stayed just silly enough for Jimmy to be fully entertained.  They did a brief Q&A afterwards as well.  It was a very fun night and I hope I get to see them again some day.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Randoms

I typically reserve the end of the month for my random catch-up posts, but December is busy, so here we are.  My friend Rachel, Esme and I went out for sushi last week.  I neglected to get a picture of us but captured the food perfectly.  I have only had restaurant sushi once before and I was in dire need of a lesson.  Rachel love sushi and offered to help me out.  we've been trying to get out for a couple months for her birthday, but things kept coming up.  We got cream cheese wontons, which I typically love, but these aren't standard take-out quality.  Still good, but I've had better.  We got 5 different kinds, California, sweet potato, crunchy shrimp, salmon, and spicy salmon.  I liked all of them except the plain salmon.  Jimmy was a little jealous, so we will bring him with next time.
 Later in the week we had Kindergarten family fun night.  The superintendent and other district representatives spoke, we had pizza, then some play time.  We were the first ones in the gym, so Parker got lots of time in the bounce house before they enforced a line and time limits.  We didn't last too long after that, but I am glad we went.
 We will close it up with a couple cute shots of Esme.  She usually wakes up as soon as I turn her light on in the morning, but she decided to coast a little last Friday (just like her mama does every day.)  She has also taken to the elephant popper and loves to let her hair blow in the breeze.  Darn, she is cute!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Tree Adventure

Ever since we found the new house I dreamed of a Christmas tree adventure.  We have an Ace Hardware within walking distance, so I thought it would be fun to take the lawn cart and stroller to haul our tree home.  It can take a while to tie it to the car so this didn't even take much extra time.  As usually, I waited until after Parker's birthday party to start decorating.  We were exhausted on Sunday and the weather was about to turn (real) cold, so we walked over on Monday night.  It only took about 10 minutes to get there and we found the perfect tree in a flash!  The snow started to fall pretty heavily just after we put the kids to bed, so it was perfect timing.
 We let it loosen up for a day before decorating.  The corner in our living room is the perfect spot for it.  I hung the stockings on the fireplace, picked up some wood tree decorations at Home Goods, and hung a beautiful wreath some church friends gifted us.
 We got the kids tree up also so we could continue our Jesse Tree tradition.  Esme immediately tried eating the lights.  She's learned they don't very good, so I am happy that did last too long.  I am excited to enjoy the holidays in our new home.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Parrrker's Pirate Parrrty

Parker's birthday party was yesterday, the first in the new house.  It was nice to have a lot more room for guests and activities.  There was plenty fo space for food and drinks, theme appropriately fo course!  

On the menu:
"Seaweed" Wraps: Green tortilla turkey and cheese wraps
Sword skewered fruit and veggies
Cannonballs: Fiery (sweet and spicy) and Smoky (BBQ)
Spinach and arrrtichoke dip
Anchor Pizza 
For time's sake the decorations and entertainment were pretty sparse this year.  The kids had fun playing, the adults had fun chatting, and the food was loved by all.  
I made a pirate ship cake, named in honor of the birthday boy.  I had a lot of fun with this one and I think it turned out great.  It was also my first time making chocolate cake from scratch and it was amazing!  Super moist, even a couple days later.

Parker had a huge smile on his face and was so excited when we started singing.
It was a great evening celebrating with friends.  Happy Birthday Parker!