Friday, September 20, 2019

One Final Pool Run!

We had another run of warm weather this week, so I put up the pool one more time.  The kids loved every minute and were sad to see it go again. Only 8.5 months until June...

Friday, September 13, 2019

All the Sports (and some new shirts)

With the Twins doing so well, there are so many sports happening for us right now.  Here is a cute picture of Parker in his Twins gear using the phone in our garage.  A couple weeks ago he started having pretend conversations in it (yay for imaginative play!)
 We were finally able to break out the purple and gold again, Skol Vikings!
 Parker's school had a dress up day in honor of the border battle this weekend.  I made him a custom shirt in honor of the former Viking that works at his school.
 You can never go wrong with more Husker gear!  Parker has had the same para in his classroom for a couple years.  She is a big Nebraska fan and I got this adorable picture sent to me.  Go Big Red!
 New seasons means new custom shirt as well.  The first is a new basketball shirt.  My dad has been brainstorming ideas ever since Nebraska announced their new coach in March.  He came up with the "Go Big Fred" in the shape of Nebraska.  He also liked the idea of a three dimensional basketball, but wasn't sure how to incorporate it.  I came up with this design and think it turned out great!
 I also made a new face mask shirt for him now that it's football season again.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Game On Second Grade

Now that summer has been run in to the ground, we are ready to get back in the groove of the school year.  We had open house last week and got to meet Parker's new teacher, Ms. Anne.  I was nervous about a new teacher since we've loved Ms. Marie for two years, but I think she's going to be awesome!
This is his first year with his own assigned desk, which is exciting.
We had a relaxing last weekend before school started as well.  We decked out in our Husker gear and visited our friend, Rick.
Esme remembered throwing rocks in the creek last time and asked to go back.  There was a fallen tree to navigate through as well.
We spent the afternoon playing outside.
Esme has been paying attention to how I "push" Parker on the swing and tried to pull him back by his feet.
She also got her first scrape of the year (which is pretty impressive.)  She face-planted the driveway and ended up with quite the scab.
We kept up our labor Day Panera tradition, with the kids splitting hotcakes and sausage from McDonald's.
I guess we are ready as we'll ever be. Game on 2nd grade!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Disney Cruise Crafts (for some friends)

My friends Shannon and Kristen went on a Disney cruise with their families just before school started.  I used some of my vacation week time to help them with some fun crafts.  They each wanted a custom Mickey ear shirt with a Disney associated character  I was able to find most of these designs on Etsy, so I didn't need to design them, just execute.  
 A cruise seal adorned the front of each shirt.
 I also added vinyl to some drawstring bags for exchanging on board as well as some flashlights.
 The final task was adding names to their door hangers.  Shannon hand painted each of them, I just did the letters.
They had a great time on their cruise and everyone loved the crafts, big win for all!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Vacation Week: Final Hurrah

We had our final vacation hurrah on Sunday.  Jimmy's parents took the kids for the afternoon so we could go to the Twins game with our friends, Eric and Aubrey.  The Twins are having a historic year in a lot of ways, so we've been trying to go more than we usually do.
 It was a slow start, but that gave us a good chance to chat and catch up.  The Twins were up 7-2 going in to the ninth.  Detroit had the start of a rally going, but we were able to finish them off 7-4.  Could be a fun fall at Target Field.
 Lastly, I hosted my church fantasy football draft in the evening.  Man, we really crammed it in last week.  Bring on fall!

Vacation Week: Minnesota State Fair

One of my favorite days of the year, Minnesota State Fair day!  We arrive there kid-free about 7:30.  It was crisp and cool, but not expected to get too hot.  We pretty much stuck to our normal routine, check out all the merchandise, eat lots of food, scope out cars and animals.
We stayed long enough to catch the parade, which we aren't usually around long enough for.  Our school district's marching band performed and I got to see one of my youth group kids.
As always, the food was the biggest highlight.  This year's menu was: cheese curds, mini donut latte, root beer float Jonny Pop, pronto pup, lefse, chocolate Minneapple pie, Sweet Martha's cookies, chili dog, beef stick, Australian battered potatoes, french fries, and Diet Pepsi.
Until next year!!