Saturday, June 8, 2019

Celebrating the Last Day of School

Parker's last day of first grade was Wednesday.  I can't believe another year is over and second grade is just around the corner.  The first picture was outside school that morning.  Adventure Club doesn't start until Monday, so he got to hang out with my mom on Thursday.  We gave him a sweet new summer haircut before I went back home.  It was the second one in a row with little to no crying, so we are making progress.
I took his shirt picture on Thursday night since I had forgotten Wednesday morning.
 We also set the pool up for the first time since it's a warm, clear weekend.  Both kids were so excited to have swimming at home!
 We added another fun to our home today, basketball!  I had heard that he loved playing at school, and he played a bunch at my parents on Thursday.  I was chatting up a friend about it and she said they had one they weren't using anymore.  My parents dropped by this morning with their trailer to go pick it up.  Parker is already having a blast playing (and so am I.)
It's going to be a fun summer at the Herrmann house!

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