Sunday, August 2, 2015

Minnesota's Largest Candy (and More!) Store

We've been driving past this place for years on our way to and from Nebraska.  It's usually out of season, or when we just left home, or are almost home...  So, we decided to take the 40 mile trip on Saturday afternoon.  It wasn't as packed as I thought, but there were a ton of Vikings fans on their way to or from training camp in Mankato.
They have salsa, soup mix, pastries and so much more to go along with over 3000 varieties of candy!
Jimmy asked if I thought they had Cow Tails just before we pulled!  Lucky for him they had a ton!
They are self-proclaimed to have the largest soda selection in the world!  They have a bunch of quirky ones, like bacon and ranch dressing.  We didn't get any of those on this trip, but maybe next time.
I don't know how many varieties they have, but there was 155 kinds of root beer alone!
We came home with a small truck load.  parker got his first PEZ dispenser, a functional toy truck!
We also got a good variety of soda!
Jimmy was already saying that we will be back again! We will have to plan more adventures like this one as well!  Have a great week!

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  1. All that, plus a Tardis?! What an awesome place! I'm glad you guys decided to check it out!