Saturday, September 26, 2015

Apple Jack's Orchard

We headed out to Apple Jack's Orchard for some fall fun this morning.  We went there with a group of friends two years ago and have been alternating with Dehn's Pumpkins, where we went last year.  I think we will stick to the latter from now on.  It is closer to home, less busy, and offers weekday hours.  Their corn pit is also a lot cleaner!  We had to start the day with some delicious apple doughnuts!
 Parker enjoyed pushing the pumpkin cart around while I was in the cafe.
 We hit up the cow train right away, knowing it would be a much longer line soon.  He enjoyed it 2 years ago, but was a bit skeptical when we first put him in, but was able to calm down.  We thought he was all good, but then it started moving...
 Total freak-out, melt down.  I walked along side for about 25 yards to try to calm him down.  There were several other little ones bawling too, so they stopped the train and I was able to grab Parker out.  I am glad we tried it, but it took a while to calm him down.
 We headed towards the corn pit because he has loved that the last several years.  He was a happy guy once he got in there.  It was really open when we first got in, but was jam-packed by the time we got out 30 minutes later.
 We spent some more time playing and climbing on tires and in logs before heading home.
We skipped the apples this time because we were all ready to go home.  Can't wait for some more fall fun!

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