Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ice Skating and Dinner at Slim's

Last night was date night!  We have been putting off ice skating for a few years with the excuse that our blades were dull.  I finally go them sharpened this week so we headed to the park for a night on the ice.  Parker isn't quite ready for skates yet so we just brought his sled.  The weather was perfect for playing outside and this will likely be our last chance of the season!
 We headed to Slim's for dinner.  We went there about a year ago and wanted to try it again.  We were bummed to learn they didn't have pizza anymore since that is what we were planning to feed Parker, but we stayed anyway.  Jimmy had a great blue cheese burger and I had some wings.  We ordered a grilled cheese for Parker, but he wasn't interested.
 He ended up eating a few fries and we fed him more when we got home.  It was good, but won't be an option again until Parker's tastes expand a bit.

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