Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hope for the Park

We made big, big progress at the park today and it's still March!  The park has been a big struggle for us the last couple years.  I know that seems crazy because Parker is only 3, but today was a big deal. Two years ago, Parker was terrified to climb on playground equipment.  He would literally shake if we tried to put him on a platform.  He was fine with being on platforms last year... if we could get his focus away from the swings.  No matter what park we were at he would always find the swings and then it was over.  

Today was our second trip to the park this year.  I was able to direct him towards the structure first and (after a brief rendezvous with the stroller) he didn't look back!
He did get to swing before we left, but I am so proud that he is branching out to new activities!

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