Monday, February 23, 2015

Day Trip to the North Shore

Our last trip up north was in September to see Jimmy's sister's new house.  We made another quick trip up there on Sunday to celebrate our niece and nephew's birthdays.  We got on the road early so we could arrive by lunch.
 It's a pretty quick drive, especially with the right road trip music.
 I usually forget to get a picture of Parker with all his cousins, but it was the first thing we did this time!
 Izzy was only four when I first met Jimmy, I can't believe she is almost a teenager.  Paul is just your quintessential 5 year old.
 After dessert and presents we just relaxed and played some Wii.
 Parker has a great time playing with Paul...
 And tormenting playing with Gus Gus
 It was so fun to spend the day with family.  Parker was snoozing before we were out of town (I wasn't too far behind.)  What a weekend!

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