Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Playful Days

This past weekend was a mixed bag of weather.  Parker and I had a hot and humid play date on Saturday morning with our good friends Shannon, Simon and new baby Daphne!  I love when our boys get together to play.  Parker still doesn't have a whole lot of interest in Simon, but it's fun to see Simon try to play with Parker.

 We went to a graduation party on Saturday night and endured several strong down pours!  There was one just as we were leaving and I had to sprint to the car to pull it closer.  It cleared up by Sunday morning and my mom came over to help finish painting the breezeway.  It is a very fun color and I have now dubbed the room our Peachy Beachy Breezeway!  We will see how far I decide to take that... We still need to finish painting the window and door trim and add base and crown moulding, but it is really starting to look great!

The last two days have been really great.  The temps have cooled a bit and the humidity dropped, which is so helpful.  One of Parker's new favorite "games" is chasing us around the tree!  He was having a blast with Jimmy on Monday!

 Lastly, we got a FREE turtle sandbox last year and never got around to filling it.  I finally bought some sand today and Parker was certainly curious, but not quite sure what to do.  It will be fun to get out in the backyard more this summer and explore!

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