Sunday, June 22, 2014

Minnesota History Center

My parents recently got a membership to the Minnesota History Center and we finally got around to getting there with them this weekend.  We headed out early Saturday morning to get there right when it opened.  It was a great choice because we pretty much had the place to ourselves and Parker could run around unhindered.

Our first stop was the current featured exhibit, Toys of the 50's, 60's and 70's.  My dad got pretty giddy over some of the toys since they are what he grew up with.  Grandpa helped Parker on the sit and spin.
 Parker was a bit confused when he couldn't touch the truck and the wheels...
Then he found a doll house with furniture he could actually touch!  I had a lot of that plastic furniture in my Barbie house as a kid (it may still be in my parents basement!)
I loved the 70's room, complete with vintage bean bag chairs!
There was also a small photo display and Parker LOVED the disco ball!
Then, Now, Wow was our next stop.  They have a lot of Dakota tribe displays including a modern tipi, which was his favorite.  He ran in and out for a good 10 minutes!
There was a simulated fire and smoke that kept him occupied as well.
You could open up this bison, take out its parts (bones and organs) and scan them to learn more about their uses.
Grainland is a fun area for kids!  You get to trace the journey of soy or corn from farm to town to elevator!  We climbed stairs to the top, then got to take a fun maze back down.
Made it to the bottom!

The membership allows access to all MN Historical Society sites so there will be many more adventures in the future!

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