Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014 (A little late)

**I just realized I had this unpublished post about Easter!  Better late than never!**

What a day!  It was jam-packed full of fun!  We got Parker out of bed and lead him to his Easter basket.  The extent of his initial interest was the 1 piece of paper grass that fell out.

 Once I helped his open his eggs and slinky he wanted to check things out.
 After breakfast we dyed eggs!

 Our family festivities were pretty light.  We had lunch with Jimmy's parents.  I love it when the whole clan is there, but it was kind of fun to spend some time just with Grandpa and Grandma.
Grandma Cherry's feast
We headed to my parents after lunch.  I was in charge of dessert so I got some extra yardage (pun intended) from my green coconut.  I made cute little Easter egg cupcakes with jelly beans!
 It was a beautiful 70+ degree day, Jimmy spent most of the afternoon riding the 4-wheeler, but found time to take Parker for a ride with Grandpa after he woke up.  Noises have been a struggle for Parker lately so I was not surprised that he was weary of riding.  Once they got going he was fine, but started whining again one they stopped.
 Juice boxes make everything better!  I thought he looked rather dapper in his orange plaid.
 It was another delicious meal!  We got my parents all to ourselves as well!
 Parker wasn't much for the ham, but did like the cupcakes!
Belated Easter blessings to you all!

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