Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Washington DC - Part 2

We spent much of Friday at several Smithsonian museums.  We started with the the Museum of American History.  They have a display on the history of food!
 This is where Julia Child's kitchen is housed.
 There was also a large display on transportation
 The original American flag is also on display here, but no pictures are allowed.  
 Street food for lunch, Jimmy got a polish sausage.  
 Next was the Natural History Museum.  This was mostly animal displays, but also has a mineral and gemstones area that includes the Hope Diamond.
 The fountain below is outside the National Gallery of Art.
These are trees on the east side of the mall.  We actually came across the same trees by chance.  We were walking by and I thought I would try to see if I could find the same rows.  I looked to the left and there they were!
The Air and Space Museum was our final one of the day
I also navigated us to Krispy Kreme to surprise Jimmy!  They aren't in MN anymore so we had to go.  We got lucky and the hot light was on!  Nothing like an original glazed right off the line.
The Rosslyn stop was our main station to get to the metro.  It has the biggest escalator I have ever seen!
We got a gift card to Oceanaire and decided to go to the DC location for our official anniversary dinner.  I had filet mignon and shrimp, Jimmy had scallops and risotto and we shared a side of cheese and bacon scalloped potatoes.  We were stuffed!
 This was the last time it wasn't raining or sleeting, until the morning we left for the airport.

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