Saturday, April 19, 2014

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Since my parents had Parker overnight we decided to meet at a morning Easter Egg Hunt for a little fun and to get him back!  I was chilly and windy, but we still had fun.  I did neglect to think about the 10"+ of snow that had melted over the last 2 days and wished I had brought boots for all of us!  Parker still doesn't totally understand the concept, but we had a good time helping him along.

He mainly just ran around aimlessly, overwhelmed with excitement at the wide open space.
 But Nana managed to snatch him up and assist with grabbing an apple sauce.
 I think Jimmy was more interested in this chocolate bunny than Parker was.

 Then Parker found the puddles and the mud!  I let him play (code for took some pictures) then tried to steer him away.

 A basket full of treats = Success
 There was a great variety for the little ones, fruit snacks, cheeze-its, etc.  We will try again next year and hope for more interest and better weather!

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