Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring Projects!

Sorry I have been away so long, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  A big part of the craziness is a couple home projects we have been working on.  We have been spending more time outside now that the weather is warming up.  The road we live on is kind of busy so we really needed to secure our backyard.  The main priority was to get gates along the sides of our house.  I put in the post a couple weeks ago.
 Post cement makes them easy to secure.  No mixing!  Just pour in water and powder!
We started mudding and taping the sheetrock in our breezeway as well!  It is starting to come together and will be ready for paint soon!
This last weekend, my parents came over again to help finish our gates.  I was planning to start on my own, but it was SO much faster with help.  We used these gate kits which also made the process pretty easy.

 My dad is a great supervisor!

Job well done!  We will still need to add a fence to the back, but Parker's interest at this point is going to the front yard.  At least this will keep him out of the street!
Here is the gate on the other side.
It's going to be an awesome (and safe) summer!

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