Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rainforest Cafe at Mall of America - Family Date Night

We have been wanting to check out The Rainforest Cafe for a while now, but I always had an issue with how expensive theme restaurants are.  But, I got a gift card from my work for $25 so it was an easier choice to go.  We thought Parker would enjoy it as well because there is a lot going on.

We arrived and got our Passport to Adventure!
Then followed the footprints (through the gift shop) to be seated.
It is a really fun setting with trees and animal noises.  There were a bunch of fish tanks that I wanted to get pictures of, but Parker was getting a bit antsy at the end so we just left.
Parkers favorite part was the jungle "storms."  See the video below!
Overall, it was a fun experience.  The food was a bit underwhelming, but I also chose a cheaper item (darn frugalness of mine!)  Jimmy had the avocado burger that was really good!  Not sure if we will be back soon, but I am glad we tried it once.

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  1. I agree that Rainforest Cafe is fun, but definitely overpriced. I've only eaten there twice and was never overly impressed by the food.
    I'm glad Parker loved the storm! I think Jillian would have been a little concerned about all the noise HAHA