Tuesday, June 25, 2013

88 Hours

I posted on Friday that we had just lost power.  We finally got it back just after noon today.  88 hours!  We are very lucky to have family nearby to help us out.  We have a terrible record when it comes to power outages at our house.  They are rarely fixed quickly.  After the storm passed I went out to see if there was much damage.  A tree had fallen on our neighbors house.  
Luckily it didn't break through the roof and she was ok.  There were so may trees down!  The city of Minneapolis estimates they lost 3000 trees.  Saint Louis Park also had a lot of tree damage.  A combination of 60+ MPH winds and extremely saturated soil caused so many trees to go down.  We did not have any damage to our house, just a lot of smaller branches on the ground.

I made a quick decision to head to my parents just 2 hours after the lights went out.  I emptied the freezer and fridge and took Parker with.  Jimmy slept in the basement on Friday since he had to work early.  We spent the whole weekend and Monday night there.  It was nice to have air conditioning and internet!  We had lots of fun hanging out with Grandpa and Nana.
Breakfast at Denny's on Saturday morning 
Playing in the hot tub with Grandpa on Sunday
Stacking cups
Grandpa always has freezies!
By Sunday it seemed that Parker was getting homesick.  He just seemed sad all afternoon.  The picture below captures his mood.  He just stood there for a while.
Monday offered a bit of normalcy for all of us.  Parker went to daycare and Jimmy and I went to work. Then we all headed back to my parents for another night and did it all over again this morning (Tuesday.)  Xcel had stated that most customers would have power restored by Wednesday night so I was trying not be too optimistic about having power, but it was back up when Jimmy got home from work!  He still had to head back to my parents after picking up Parker since we didn't have any food in the house.  We ate dinner with my parents one last night and then packed up to head home!
All the food packed up!  Glad we didn't have to pitch it all!
Parker was very excited to be home!  He got the biggest grin on his face when he saw all his toys again.  
 He probably could have run around the house all night!
I am also very glad to be home.  While staying with my parents is fun, it's always nice to have home bed advantage!  Plus they like having Parker around more than us I am sure!

Things I learned from the power being out for 88 hours:
We have way to many bottles of sauce/dressing
We have way too many jars of pickles
It may be a good idea to invest in a generator (once supply is up again!)
I have the best family ever!

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