Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Months!

Parker got a bit cranky yesterday afternoon so I never got around to doing a 5 month photo shoot, but hopefully I will get a chance this week!  I did take a couple pictures tonight since he is officially 5 months today!  The city planted a new tree in our front yard as part of a big road construction project.  We have dubbed it the "Parker Tree" and decided it would be great for his pictures tonight.

Today is also a significant day because it was my great-grandfather's birthday.  He would have been 112 today.  That seems like a long shot to reach, but he did live to be 102!  The significance of this is that Parker's middle name is Emory, just like my great-grandpa's was, but he went by Emory.  I can't wait to tell Parker about him.  He was a really fun guy to be around and talk to.  When you've lived as long as he had there were plenty of stories to share.  I hope Parker has the same appreciation for him as I do even though they never got to meet.

At 5 months now, he is starting to do some fun new things too (in addition to what I shared in my last post!)  He has is squealing, but only rarely, I think it is just the best when he does that! He babbles a lot, which is fun too.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if he is distressed or just playing and having fun.  He is getting closer and closer to sitting up too.

He is also starting to really interact with his toys and with people.  His favorite toy of the moment is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy.  It teaches all sorts of things and sings songs.  He will lay on the floor forever just squeezing all the buttons (maybe not intentionally yet) and chewing on it's ears.  He is becoming more aware of his surroundings and loves to turn around and look up when he is sitting on my lap.  It seems like he is learning that there is a person behind him and he wants to know who is there.  He also tries to look back when he is laying on the floor, it is quite cute.  

I am sure there are a bunch of other new things too, but it's hard to keep track of them all sometimes.  

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