Sunday, April 29, 2012

One more shower! / Parker on the move

It is amazing how time can get away from you so fast, especially when you have a baby!  Just wanted to give a quick update of the some of the happenings at the Herrmann house!

A few weeks ago (the same day as our Twins game) the ladies at my work threw a shower for Parker and I.  He got so many fun toys and cute summer and fall outfits!
Super cute jungle cake
Look at that spread! 
Parker had fun with all the ladies that came out.  He got a bit cranky at the end, but it had been a long and stimulating day after a 4 hour ball game and a party!  Thank you so much to all my friends at work, we really appreciate your generosity!


Parker has also been working on some new skills!  He has officially figured out where his bottle is supposed to go.  He has recognized it for a while, but recently started grabbing for it and bringing it to his mouth.  He tries holding it himself, but doesn't quite have enough coordination yet and it usually falls out pretty quickly.
He has also become quite the little mover.  He has never been one to stay still, but now we are realizing that true mobility is probably coming a bit quicker than we thought.  He is always rolling and prefers to be on his stomach.  He also likes to pivot and turn himself from side to side.  We usually keep him on a blanket upstairs because we have hardwood floors, but it's fun to let him play on the wood or tile because he can easily turn himself and even pull himself forward a bit.  The picture below illustrates just how much he can maneuver!  He started on his back head towards the bottom of the picture in the middle of the mat.  He managed to roll and turn himself between the arches, get out and turn again...Sometimes this kid just amazes me!
That's the update for now.  He is going to 5 months old tomorrow so I may have to attempt a photo shoot this afternoon!  I hope to have some more fun pictures to share soon!  

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