Thursday, April 12, 2012

Parker's First Baseball Game

          Today was a very exciting day! Parker went to his very first baseball game!  The Twins finally got their first win on Wednesday (yesterday) so we were hoping they would keep up the pace.  We had been watching the forecast all week hoping it would be nice enough to take Parker.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful April day for outdoor baseball!  It was 56 degrees when the game started and we were in the sun.  I was hoping we would be in the shade the whole game since I can’t put sunscreen on Parker yet, but we kept him covered and facing away from the sun to protect his sensitive skin.  Within about 40 minutes we were in the shade.  I was glad for Parker’s sake, but it made it a bit chillier too.  We kept him pretty bundled up and he is a warm body anyway so it was just right!

          He was so well behaved and intrigued by everything that was going on.  He took 2 decent naps, which I was thankful for, given we were at a noisy sporting event.  He also got to see not 1, but 3 HOME RUNS!  Both Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau went yard!  That probably hasn’t happened in the same game since ’09 with all of their injuries.  (Update: I had to google this!  Last time it happened was July 6th, 2010.  That was the day before the concussion that ended the season for Morneau.)  The Twins pulled out a big come-back win after going down by 5 early.  We were so happy that Parker’s first game was a good one.  It was also a LONG game, at almost 4 hours, but he was a champ.  We can’t wait to take him again soon!

Watching with dad

Go Twins!  Great win!

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