Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rollercoaster Week

This week started out GREAT! I had a day of pampering and shopping with my mom on Saturday. Sunday was the round 1 of birthday festivities with Jimmy's family (Jimmy and I share August 19th as our birthday.) We had a pool party followed by some tasty BBQ ribs, fried chicken and all the extras.

Work finally started to get manageable by Tuesday and last night was round 2 of birthday festivities with my family. We gathered for more BBQ (can't ever get enough!) and good family time. I also had a very special surprise for Jimmy. I ordered the most wonderful cake in the world. It is from the same bakery we got our wedding cake from and was one of the flavors we had too. Jimmy has said this is the only thing he wants for his birthday for the rest of his life! It is a white chocolate raspberry cake from Penny Steele Custom Cakes. He was so excited!
Everything was great until we got home. I heard water running in the basement and sent Jimmy to check it out. Something was not right. There was water on the bathroom floor and our water heater was making some strange noises. I called my dad (he always knows what to do) and he walked me through turning everything off. I got to wake up early this morning to price out a replacement. Luckily we got our gas company to come out right away and at the best price (on short notice.) Needless to say, we have a new family member!
If that big wet mess wasn't already enough to make me cry (it was), I miserably failed my glucose test today. Everything was going great for my 24 week appointment until they took my blood. I didn't realize there was an "automatic fail." I thought if you failed the 1 hour, you took a 3 hour test. Nope! If you fail bad enough they just say you have gestational diabetes... More crying ensued... I feel like an absolutely horrible mom for being in this situation. I am going to try to do everything to get it under control with diet so I don't have to start taking insulin. Still, the selfish side of me is trying to figure out how I am going to live without ICE CREAM? And the piece of cake I had last night is probably my last for a while. I guess I will be adding some gestational diabetes meal ideas to this blog.

The only consolation to today is that I know tomorrow will be better. I am going to see one of my best friends, who just happens to be preggers too! Our children are already betrothed! I hope your weeks have been just ups and no downs like mine. Real crafting will resume again next week. I can't wait to get back to my sewing machine!

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