Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last pre-baby vacation!

Jimmy and I had to take one last trip before this little guy arrives.  We flew to Atlanta to visit our friends Danny and Julie.  Julie and I worked together 7 years ago and I was bummed when she moved south.  But, it gives me an excuse to go visit!  She is also pregnant and is due just 1 week before me!  We were both ecstatic when we found out!

Our first stop in Atlanta was our favorite BBQ joint, Fat Matt's Rib Shack!  I googled gestational diabetes before leaving so I would have a better idea of what I could eat before having my doctor's appointment this week.  I stuck to the roasted chicken and brunswick stew since they are lower in carbs.  Every meal here gets AT LEAST two slices of white bread, I limited myself to one. Jimmy was lucky and got to partake in the pie (he chose sweet potato, but their pecan is TO DIE FOR!)
After our brief lunch stop we headed north about 30 miles to Cumming, GA.  Danny and Julie are two of the most wonderful people I know.  They graciously offered to let us stay with them!  And they have a pool so it was an easy "yes."  We had our squealy girl reunion, complete with hugs and baby bump touching and wasted no time getting into the pool.
 They also have a ceramic grill called the Big Green Egg which is incredible.  We had Cuban sandwiches on Friday with Pork cooked in it and homemade pizza on Saturday.  Somehow we missed the picture of the egg, but the food pictures are just as good!
Saturday was Jimmy's kind of day.  We slept in, went mini-golfing and hung out by the pool some more.  I even got two holes-in-one!  We ended the night with a rousing game of Monopoly, complete with custom soundboard!
We were sad to say goodbye on Sunday morning, but knew we would see each other again soon (both of us with babies by then!)  We ate at Waffle House (they need to build one in MN) and took our last photos.
Our last stops for the trip were in downtown.  We visited Coca-Cola World and learned all about the history of Coke products.  Our favorite part was at the end when we got the opportunity to taste beverages from around the world.  You could drink all you wanted!  Some of them were very questionable and I wished we had several of them in the states!
We ended the trip with lunch at The Varsity, Atlanta's famous burger cafeteria!  "What'll ya have, what'll ya have? Have your order on your mind and your money in your hand!"  So tasty!  The picture says it all!
And that says it all!  What a great last trip before our lives get turned upside down!

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