Monday, April 10, 2023

Easter 2023

For Palm Sunday last week, the kids came in with palm fronds and sang a song at church.
We had two days worth of Easter celebration this last weekend.  On Saturday, we went to my parents where the kids got goody bags.
We have surf and turf for dinner with ribs and crab legs.
For dessert, I made chocolate lasagna.
Sunday morning started with baskets and an easter egg hunt.
Parker got a clip on fan and his very own chameleon beanie baby!  He's been loving Esme's Pascal since she got it.  Now he has Pablo.
Esme for 4 new Bluey characters, including two she doesn't have.  She was so excited!
It was pretty nice outside despite lots of snow still on the ground.
After church, we had lunch with Jimmy's family.  We spent some time outside after eating.
Cousins are the best!
Happy Easter!

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