Monday, May 25, 2020

Staying Connected through Memorial Day Weekend

We have been keeping up with our video calls in an effort to stay connected to loved ones along with lots of window visits.
School has been going well and we are in the final stretch.  We've been doing daily video meetings with his class the last couple weeks and it has been fun to talk with his teacher and classmates live each day.
I helped cut out letters to make yard signs for the high school seniors at church.  I tagged along as we delivered them last week.  I got to chat with some good friends along the way that I have missed so dearly.
We had a bit of a longer visit with my parents yesterday.  They were out for a drive and called to see if they could stop by.  I set up some chairs in the driveway and we had a great chat.  Our emotional health is going to become a focus soon and is just as important as physical health.  We are all struggling with this new dynamic a bit, but are grateful that our family is respecting our wishes.
Bacon cheeseburgers and beans to close out the night!
Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

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