Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great holiday weekend! The Twins have been on fire and I was yearning for some live baseball, so I went to Friday's game by myself.  That may seem a little strange, but it was actually really nice!  I was able to just relax and enjoy the game.  I tried teaching myself to keep score and got a visit from my friend, Rachel, who was working as an usher.  It was also the first of four Joe Mauer bobblehead games.  His number will be retired in a few weeks (we're going!) and he is being celebrated all season.  I look forward to catching another solo game if it works out.
We had Sunday dinner at my parents with lots of great food, twister rides and freezies.
Esme suprised us all when she easily climbed in to the back of the twister.  She does it with such ease!  Still teaching her how to climb down, but one step at a time.
We had raspberry lemon jello cake for dessert and warmed up by the fire as the sun was setting.
I added to my shirt collection on Monday by making a Twins Bomb Squad shirt.  They are on pace to hit over 300 for the season, which would destroy the record.  HR rate typically declines as the season progresses, but we will take it while we can.
I hope you had a great weekend with family or friends and took some time to remember and honor those who gave their lives for our freedom.

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