Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lights, Camera, Action! Employee Appreciation Party

My work's annual employee appreciation party was on Saturday.  Despite my insistence on a Star Wars theme (May the Fourth Be With You), they went with a general Hollywood, red carpet one.
I really wanted to dress up as Han Solo and Chewbacca, but I also know that Jimmy isn't a big fan of costumes.  We compromised this year and just dressed up in general.  I got another use out of my prom dress (woot!) and he had the last minute idea of wearing a tuxedo t-shirt.  Luckily, I have the ability to make one pretty quick.  He's been saying for a whole that he is only going to dress up for weddings and funerals going forward and everything else will just be a t-shirt.  He already has some fun ideas for holidays to come.
 Dinner was phenomenal, as always.  Prime rib and fish for the entrees with lots of side choices. Pie, cake, and brownies were all available for dessert.
 There was live entertainment following dinner by some cyr wheel performers.  I don't recall the woman's name, but Nick Hodge was the male performer. They each did a solo, followed by a duet.  It was a very impressive show.
A funny coincidence was that the Buffalo High School prom was happening at the same venue that night.  I found it hilarious since I was wearing my dress from the 2003 BHS prom. At least one person went with Star Wars.  Our national production manager's wife dressed at Princess Leia.  
 He should have ben Han Solo, but opted for Batman.  The groom from a wedding loves Batman, so he went and took pictures with him.
They gave out "Oscars" for awards this year.  I won the honor of dazzling effects, which I was very honored by.
The final whole group activity was a "Survivor" competition.  A representative from each table came to the front and had to complete small tasks retrieving things from the audience.  Due to some amazing assists from my table and our HR manager, Jane, I made it to the final round. This consisted of a foot race...Oh boy.  You can see how it turned out below.
I won, woo hoo! I thought he said you needed to get to the bartender, but then Wes was standing there with his hands out.  Jimmy left to pick up the kids shortly after this, but I hung out and danced until just after 10. Jimmy better have enjoyed the year off, because we are going all out next time!  Thanks for a great evening Discount Steel!

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