Friday, August 31, 2018

Minnesota State Fair 2018

The second adventure of my week of was the Minnesota State Fair.  I look forward to this day every year!  We brought the kids with us this year and we all had a blast.  It started out pretty chilly, but warmed to the low 70's.  It was a very cool fair this year, which is pretty rare.
We started with two fair staples and one new treat.  Cheese curds, lefse, and mini donuts!  My parents  and nephew were at the fair too and we spotted them from time to time.  That's my dad feeding the kids donuts.
The Little Farm Hands exhibit opens at 8am and we always try to hit it early, before it's crowded.  Parker wasn't interested in the apron this year, but Esme loved it.  It took some encouraging to get her started, then she did really well.  The basic concept is that you feed animals and harvest goods to sell at the farmer's market.
You get a paper dollar after selling your goods and can trade it for a treat.  Both kids got a juice box.
Parker and Jimmy took a trip down the giant slide, then we grabbed a cone of Sweet Martha's cookies!
We briefly walked through some animal barns then went on a mission for lunch.
Esme was begging to get out of the stroller at this point and I was very glad I brought my carrier.  We shared a Papa Pup and I grabbed a Jonny Pop.
Esme took a nap on my back while we met back up with my parents and Jayden to share a big bucket of fries.
We ran in to TC bear on the way to the alphabet forest.  Esme was enthralled and Parker asked him for a hug.  It was the cutest!
We spent 15 minutes or so at Alphabet forest.  Parker didn't tolerate the activities very well, but Esme could have played with the ducks all day.
One more quick stop at Rainbow play systems for Parker to burn energy and then we got two more food items and headed for the exit.
Fresh baked brownie and fry bread taco completed our fair food journey.
Until next year...

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