Thursday, August 30, 2018

Camping with Nana and Jayden

My brother got a camper a few months back and my mom proposed we take it out with the kids for a couple nights.  I took the last week of August off to be home with Parker since he was done with adventure club, so we checked in Sunday night.  We stayed at Rice Creek Campground, which is less that an hour from home.  My mom did a great job hauling the camper and we got it set up very quickly.
The kids got comfortable with the digs, then we headed down to the beach.  It was a little mucky, but it felt nice.  Parker was testing him limits, but we were able to keep him within arms reach.
We had salad and brats for dinner and the kids had mac and cheese.
Jayden slept on the top bunk and the kids kept trying to bug him.  Parker made it up on his own, but Esme didn't get any closer than this.
I decided to try having the kids bunk together.  It took them about an hour to fall asleep, but did finally go down.  Unfortunately they woke up about 3:30 am and started giggling.  I ended up moving Parker in with my mom and stayed with Esme.  We put her in the pack and play the second night and things went much smoother.
Jayden cooked bacon for breakfast the next morning and I made omelettes.
We checked out the park in the morning and then I had to take Esme for a drive in order for her to nap after lunch.
We went swimming one more time Monday evening and had a special cupcake treat for dessert after dinner.
Tuesday was going to be mostly rainy, so we packed up pretty quickly and had to tear down in the rain.  We were back to my parents and home before lunch.  It was a really fun trip and we will be more prepared for next time.  Thanks for taking us camping Nana!

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